Greg Duncan Photography

Current Equipment


Canon 70D Body

Canon 60mm Macro Lens

Canon 70-200 Telephoto

Tokina 11-17mm fisheye


Sea and Sea underwater housing for 70D

2 Sea and Sea YSD1 strobes.


More to come.......



About Greg Duncan.


Originally from a small seaside town south of Melbourne Australia, I have spent almost all of my life surrounded by water, either above or below it.


Currently I am based in Bali Indonesia, and still travel to many places around the world. Including Timor Leste, in South East Asia and regular trips to Europe..


Having worked as a SCUBA Instructor for the last eight and a half years I have decided to bring my two passions in life together for your enjoyment.

The Images on this website are from my various travels and assignments around this diverse and wonderful world in which we live.